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From March 20th to 22nd, that is, from Friday to Sunday, Hema will make large-scale profits for the mid-to-high-end ingredients that residents often eat in the New Year, so that citizens can easily make up for the delicious food they missed in the New Year. During the period, a large number of high-quality products such as lobster, king crab, steak, high-end fruit, and semi-finished dishes from Hema Workshop can all enjoy a 15% discount. 14 stores in Chengdu will also carry out a full-year arrangement to bring consumers "traveling through". "Go back to the Spring Festival and make up for a happy year..So,how to cook and prepare king crab buffalo ny from store?

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Sang Haiou, general manager of Chengdu Hema, said that Chengdu has shown strong resilience in the late stage of the epidemic. Hema's online orders have steadily increased, and the sales ratio of forgotten seafood, imported fruits and other commodities has gradually returned to normal during the epidemic. Level. "Everyone has a complex about the Chinese New Year. During the epidemic, Hema gained the trust of many consumers and launched a new Chinese New Year activity, not for sales, but to compensate consumers for their restraint and regret this Spring Festival. "Song Haiou explained, "On the other hand, the retail industry has been hit hard during the epidemic. As a leader in new retail, Hema must take responsibility and start the entire retail market.".So,how to warm up frozen how long to steam frozen king crab legs?

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It is reported that during the event, the Hema epidemic prevention and control will not be slack, and will continue to carry out strict epidemic prevention measures. Users need to wear masks to enter the store to buy, and they must take temperature measurement and disinfection when entering the store. During the event, if there is a large amount of offline traffic during certain periods of time, the store will take measures to limit the flow of people..So,how to steam king crab grand prairie from costco?

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